3H Company was founded in 1984 and began with the assumption of several then vacant agencies of major international producers and exporters of market pulp, waste paper and related products.

In the late nineties, 3H began its long and still existing relationship with  the Taiwan government printer of banknotes and other security documents by securing the first order for check paper. This business expanded into passport paper and continues to this day.

In the year 2000, 3H was successful in winning a tender for banknote paper for the new NT$2,000 denomination. This led to being awarded a 10-year contract in 2004 to supply the substrate for 2 newly designed banknotes, the NT$1000 and NT$500. 3H has just renewed this contract in 2015 by winning the tender for the next 10 years.

Between 2000 and 2004, 3H also became the exclusive agent of 2 further major manufacturers of equipment used in the security printing industry. Most recently, we concluded a government tender for 13 banknote sorting machines used by the Central Bank of China, Taiwan’s Central Bank.

Today, 3H Company is an experienced and trusted supplier of paper, machinery, and security solutions for government and private sectors.